About us of Cdn.fnafdl.com is a section where you get information about the website. The about us section also mentions the assets and the development teams.

About Us

About us of Cdn.fnafdl.com tells you everything about the website and the reason why it is created. You can check this part before you use the website for your experience.

What you need to understand about Cdn.fnafdl.com

Cdn.fnafdl.com is a site where you can find a variety of source games from various trustworthy sources. We mainly use "CDN" in our domain because CDN is the reliable source of a technology company named DTD Soft.

Our website aims to collect various source games for users. We don't own those source games. Instead, we just collect and upload them to this website so that users from around the world can download and play them.

The source games are for FNAF (stands for Five Nights at Freddy's). It is a horror series of games made by Scott Cawthon. The series is about a player playing as a night watchman. Then, they need to watch over a restaurant for five nights fighting against animatronics.

We understand how popular the series is. Therefore, we made this website so players can download those games to play. Besides, we also provide users with FNAF-inspired games. These games belong to various authors who are fans of the series.

Every element of the website is free to create. Although we don't own the source games, we still own the content that we made to provide the information about the games.

As you experience on our website, you will see some advertisements. We hope you understand this because these advertisements help to maintain our website.

How we develop Cdn.fnafdl.com and make it a good website for your experience

The role of our content writers for Cdn.fnafdl.com

We create content for the game sources to help players understand what those game sources are about. Hence, they can read the game descriptions before they download them.

Our creative assets include images, text, graphics, as well as logos. Therefore, you should know that the copyright of these assets belongs to us. Our responsibility is to provide game sources and their descriptions. We don't own the game sources but we own the descriptions for them.

All our assets at Cdn.fnafdl.com are protected by international law. So, no users have the right to copy the content without asking our permission.

About other teams at Cdn.fnafdl.com

To develop and make the website better, we also have programmer and administrator teams. Every member has a specific role to make the website grow. However, we work as a team and show interest to each other. We also want to make the community more valued.

You can send us your feedback to make the website better through info@cdn.fnafdl.com. You can also find out how to connect with us through the Contact Us page.

About our mission

We aim to create a good place for the fans of FNAF games. So, on this website, you can explore as well as download lots of source games for free. We will continue uploading more games to the website to diversify our game collection. We hope you have a great time on our website! Best regards!