Privacy Policy of provides you with the policy of the website in collecting your data. You will know the types of information collected.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of is an important element users should know when using the website. Privacy aims to keep their interests safe, so read them carefully.

We know that the privacy policy makes the website run well with the data. All websites in the world have their own privacy policies for users, and so does Hence, you need to read the content of this site so you will understand it better.

The privacy policy of

The main purpose of the site is to provide FNAF games with the game sources collected from CDN. All games come with free download files, so players can download and enjoy the games.

All information on the website is free to explore. This includes free downloading of software, applications, games, and documents. Before you use the website and become our users, you should read our Privacy Policy as well as Terms of use.

Things included in the Privacy Policy of

We collect information from you at

When you use our website, you have to give us your information. It includes your favorites as well as information about the games you download. Besides, you use some information to contact us such as Profile Picture, Username, Email, Address, and Password.

For advertising, we also gather your data that relates to the games you downloaded, the IP address, your country, the time zone, local settings, network connection, as well as browser.

We also analyze your experience by collecting your device ID, user ID, and information about the games you downloaded. There are also third parties on the site that gather your Facebook name, Profile Picture, Facebook ID, and public data relating to your friends.

It is important for us to collect your information for the reasons

We have to collect your information because your information will help us understand the way to enhance our service. When we have your information, we also can contact you when you send us your questions. You can contact us at

We can also use your data to find new users and show ads to keep the site maintained. Besides, we can detect and stop illegal behavior using your information.

Some information we don't collect from you at

We don't gather information on users who are under the age of 13. This website is not recommended for users that are under that age.

Users can use and manage their information

Your information can be managed by you. For instance, you can change it or delete it. For more information about this, you can send your questions to us via our email which is

Users need to know about cookies on

This website uses cookies to gather information about users. Cookies will collect your data when you are on our website and use the browser when you come back to the website. The cookies will help the website run better.

Users also need to know about privacy and security in Privacy Policy

On our website, we follow all security practices to stop users from using the website in the wrong way. The database is protected by passwords. So, if our staff want to access the system, they will use passwords.

We also keep the security running well using some technical methods. However, if you find out any violation of the website, we will try to fix it and make sure the system is running well.