Terms of Use of Cdn.fnafdl.com lets you understand the way you use our website. You will learn the rules about using it and as well as know the license.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use of Cdn.fnafdl.com give you information about the rules for using the website. You need to read the information before you download games and use our documents.

Why do we set the Terms of Use on Cdn.fnafdl.com?

If you want to become our user, you should learn our Terms of Use and the reason why we set them. These terms help you know and understand the type of information that you will receive.

We set the Terms of Use because we want to avoid violations from wrong users. By doing so, we will create a better website for players in the world. No illegal activities are allowed here. Therefore, we will try to stop them the best we can.

Terms of use of Cdn.fnafdl.com


We own some content such as images, text, graphics, and game descriptions. They belong to our creators, except for the game sources we collect from CDN. Therefore, we don't allow any users to take them without our permission.

Terms of communication on Cdn.fnafdl.com

You can use and communicate with each other through emails. When you have questions for us, you can send them to us via our email which is info@cdn.fnafdl.com.

Privacy Policy

Make sure you read our Privacy Policy so you can understand the types of information we gather from you.

Advertisement on Cdn.fnafdl.com

We display advertisements on our website. However, we don't provide the content from the ads. We make sure that there are no ads with improper content on the website.

If you find out one, you can report it to us by sending us your mail. You can email us at info@cdn.fnafdl.com.

Your rules

When you access and use our website, you have to follow our Terms of Use and use our website in the right way. You are not allowed to have illegal activities on the website.

We don't welcome users with threatening language. The users that use those threatening languages, they will not be allowed to use the website.

We own the content and publish them on the website. So, the users cannot change or misuse or even copy them. We made this website for users in the world to use.

Manage your account when using our online services

To use our website, you have to create an account. Then, you will be in charge of managing your account with your personal information, username, and password.

We protect data on Cdn.fnafdl.com

The information that you give us will be collected, used, and protected by us. Therefore, you have to read our Privacy Policy before you use the website. It helps you understand the data we collect from you and what we do with your data.

About the license and the users' access to Cdn.fnafdl.com

We give users a limited license to access the website and use it. You can use the website to download games and documents. However, you cannot change the content of the website without our permission.